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Parent Testimonials

“I choose to send my 1st grader to TRCCS because of the idea that Waldorf inspired education would allow him to learn in a way that was not only hands on, but more focused on creativity and cooperation in group learning.  I also loved that the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station would provide an amazing natural classroom for play and discovery. Now, half way through the school year, my child loves going to school to spend his day with wonderful, caring teachers and friends and I am continually impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the teachers and staff for the students and the Waldorf model.  I would recommend TRCCS to anyone seeking an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.”

By Anne

“When I first heard about TRCCS, I was living in Madison and my daughter was only 3 1/2 years old. My mother-in-law who lives in Waupaca had mentioned it to me, and then I received a flyer about the school while attending the 4th of July parade in Waupaca. At the time, I had been looking into the possibility of home schooling my daughters since a private Waldorf education was out of our reach, financially. When I read about the school, I could hardly believe how wonderful it sounded. We loved the emphasis on nature, healthy eating, play-based education, art, music, and movement. I wanted my daughters to be a part of it. We had already been toying with the idea of moving to the Waupaca area, and the desire to be part of TRCCS made that decision final. We moved to the area in November of 2012 with the hope of our daughter attending 4K at TRCCS in the fall of 2013.

Since our daughter, Esme, has started at TRCCS this fall, we have been convinced that our decision to move to get her into this school was well worth it. Even before the school year started, we were impressed with the home visit by her teacher, Mr. Dan, that is a standard Waldorf practice to get to know the family before school starts. Esme loves her school. She enjoys doing art projects, gardening, and playing outdoors at the beautiful Central Wisconsin Environmental Station. It is a perfect fit for her, and for our family. And I eagerly look forward to her years to come at the school. “

By, Jeanne

“Siris and Ashae started the 4th and 2nd grade level this school year at TRCCS. Before this schooling opportunity, we were homeschooling our children. TRCCS was the exact opportunity we were looking for to transition our kids from homeschooling to a public school format. An alternative school with Waldorf and an Environmental emphasis was exactly what we were looking for. Having mixed-aged classrooms, small student numbers, and an outdoor atmosphere is something I was searching for. It has become so much more than that also. The hands on activities, the “learning block” format, and the ability of the staff to accommodate to each child’s level has been nothing but a benefit to my kids.
Now that my kids have been in this school for awhile, I can see how it has benefited them and their educational development. They are not only learning the fundamentals but also learning how to cooperate with their peers, take on leadership roles, and are gaining a motivation that they did not have before. TRCCS holds values that are very important to me and if I did not have this option for my children, I would probably return to homeschooling.
Thank you TRCCS!”

By Laura