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Transportation Initiative

The TRCCS recognizes that transportation is one of the school’s major obstacles. Considering that around 80% of students come from outside the Tomorrow River School District transportation is critical to the school’s longevity. The TRCCS Transportation Initiative is a separate fund that will help offset the high-cost of busing in these initial start-up years and may even help to purchase TRCCS’s very own bus or van if that opportunity presents itself. TRCCS recognizes that this issue affects the entire charter school, not just the out-of-district families, as enrollment count is critical to the school’s existence.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  A local transportation company has offered a very generous arrangement, and while we will pass two-thirds of the cost onto the families that use the service, the full cost is prohibitive.

How You Can Help

  • Sponsor a family!  The average cost for each family using transportation is $114 per month, or $950 for 8.5 months (the remainder of the school year).
  • Sponsor a month of transportation!  It costs approximately $1,700 for one month of transportation.
  • Donate any amount to our Transportation Fund!  The full cost of transportation for the families that need it this year will be $14,000.

Community Engagement

TRCCS families are generously donating their time to build our transportation fund so that EVERY CHILD that is a match for Tomorrow River Community Charter School WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND.

TRCCS is busy planning a series of events to help build awareness of our new school and to secure support for transportation.

If you would like to make a donation please click donation.