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CWES Lunches


Lunch cost is $4.50 for hot lunch and $3 for cold lunch.
All lunches include 2% milk; hot lunches include a salad bar.
Please make checks payable to TRCCS. Checks and forms can be given to the classroom teacher or turned into the TRCCS Office, please let us know if you need a receipt.

At CWES salad dressings and soups are homemade, all ground beef and hamburgers are sourced from local farmers within 15 miles of the center, coffee for teachers is from a local roaster: Ruby, spices are organic and from Frontier, and some of the salad bar fixings are from our organic garden based on season. We are working to incorporate more locally sourced every year.

Please let TRCCS know if the cost of hot lunches is prohibitive or a hardship for your family. TRCCS has worked to raise funds to offset the cost bringing it down to $1 per day per child. The CWES lunch program is not a traditional school hot lunch program and does not qualify for the free and reduced lunch funding. We thank you for your patience as this program develops and we are open to sourcing suggestions. We work to source as much food as we can from local, sustainable and organic sources.