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A Program Partnership has been signed between the TRCCS, the Tomorrow River School District, CWES and the University Wisconsin Stevens Point. With a shared vision on education this partnership will make both programs more sustainable. UW-Stevens Point’s undergraduate and graduate students now have the opportunity to take part in formal education, environmental education and practical experiences with the charter school programming.The mission of CWES is to foster in adults and youth the appreciation, understanding, skill development, and motivation needed to help them build a sustainable balance between the environment, economy, and community, CWES has been an integral part of UW-Stevens Point’s College of Natural Resources programming and is staffed with professional natural resource and environmental educators. These educators participate in curriculum development and nature studies classes with the TRCCS children. It gives the UW-Stevens Point students the ability to develop long term projects with the TRCCS students vs. the day programming they currently participate in. With this partnership TRCCS is develop relationships with many UW-Stevens Point programs including environmental education, education, youth programming, camp management, dietetics, art, music, dance, drama and any other related majors.