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Planning/Implementation Grant

The TRCCS has received an Implementation Renewal (2014-2015), Implementation (2013-2014) and Planning (2012-2013) Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The first two grants were for $150,000, our third grant round was increased to $200,000 because our student numbers surpassed 100. If you have any questions you can visit: DPI Charter Schools. Here are the links to the TRCCS Planning and Implementation Grant applications.

Implementation Renewal Grant Application

TRCCS-Enrollment Budget-2014-15

TRCCS 2014 Implementation Renewal Grant Narrative

Implementation Grant Application 2013

TRCCS 2013 Implementation Grant Narrative

TRCCS 5 year budget 2013 A

TRCCS 5 year budget 2013

Planing Grant TRCCS

TRCCS Planning Grant Application Narrative