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TRCCS puts on multiple fundraising and festivals throughout the year. In addition the TRCCS Parent Circle puts on monthly parent education and family fun events. These events are for current and potential parents in the TRCCS community in addition to community members.


Annual Fundraisers: the Farmshed Local Food Tastes Great fundraiser, the Holiday Faire, the Fundraising Dinner and Auction and the Annual Fund.

Fundraising takes place to bridge the gap created by open-enrollment as well as the task of marketing and promoting the school to the greater community. These funds are then utilized by everyone in the form of reduced-priced lunches, classroom and playground equipment, garden tools, supplies, Parent Educational Events, Waldorf teacher training scholarships, professional development for the staff and governance board, subsidizing field trips, and all the other gaps in our budget. We strive to meet the financial needs of the school while being conscious of the availability, skills, and preferences of our parent body.


Celebrating seasonal festivals is a way of observing the recurring rhythms and cycles in nature. Sharing in the school’s festival life is deeply nourishing to our individual inner lives and contributes to the integration and stability of the entire community.

Harvest Festival: October

  • As we return to school each year, the days begin to grow shorter and darker. During this contracted time, much in nature appears to die. Yet it is during this time that the inner life of humankind is nourished and strengthened.

Lantern Walk: November

  • Each student creates their own lantern; families gather and walk with the lanterns singing through the woods in the dark.

Spiral Walk: December (happens during the school day)

  • As the holiday season approaches, a Festival of Light with a spiral walk; candles demonstrate how each of us makes the world a brighter place when we bring our light to it.

Winter Performance: December

  • Children’s performance of songs, poems, stories and plays.

Spring Festival: May

  • We celebrate May Day in honor of nature’s renewed growth and energy. The children will learn a May Pole Dance and perform it during this festival. This is the last festival before the end of the school year.