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Fall Learning Institute 2017

Working Out Of The Principles Of Public Waldorf Education for K-8 Educators

The Tomorrow River Community Charter School (TRCCS) in partnership with Transformation Teaching is offering a fall institute working out of the principles of the Public Waldorf curriculum. This is part of a 4 year educational program. To learn more please call the TRCCS office at 715-346-2730 or email info@trccs.org.

If you would like to take the courses for graduate credit from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point please contact the TRCCS office for details. 

December 15th to the 17th, 2017 at TRCCS

Friday: 3:30 to 7 pm (potluck), Saturday: 9 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday: 9 am to noon

Tuition: $250


Course Description: 

This long weekend intensive class features an in-depth study of Arthur Zajonc’s book “Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry: When Knowing Becomes Love”, along with writings by educator Parker Palmer. Students will learn about contemplative practices that support the life of a teacher. The class will look at works of educators who bring the sacred back into adult education. Students will have the opportunity to experience some of the practices and will participate in discussions. The fine arts of singing and creating mandalas and the movement art of folk dancing will support the lectures, readings, and discussions.

Instructor – Mary Barr Goral, Ph.D.

Mary Barr Goral.jpg

Mary Barr Goral, Ph.D. began her career in education over 30 years ago. After teaching in the public schools in Bloomington, Indiana for 11 years, she received both her master’s and doctorate in curriculum studies and math education from Indiana University.

Mary taught in higher education for 12 years, and she currently works with public Waldorf schools coaching and training their teachers through her educational organization, Transformational Teaching.

Mary pioneered two other Waldorf teacher trainings, Great Lakes Waldorf Teacher Training in Milwaukee (started in 2002) and Kentahten Teacher Training, a regional teacher training in Louisville (started in 2005).

Her book, Transformational Teaching: Waldorf-inspired Methods in the Public School, tells the story of teachers in Louisville who use Waldorf-inspired methods with the public school students.

Mary has served on the board of trustees of Rudolf Steiner College and is currently on the advisory board of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.

What is the Waldorf Approach to Education?

  • Awaken imagination and wonder
  • Enliven and expand the breadth of student learning, bringing joy into the classroom
  • Address the developmental needs of all children, through integrated, art-filled learning
  • Use creativity in the classroom while nurturing emotional intelligences, kindness and responsibility through character building activities
  • Benefit students of a variety of backgrounds with an experiential and integrated approach
  • Strengthen literacy and numeracy with innovative and practical pedagogical methods
  • Protect childhood by creating a healthy and nurturing environment and using developmentally appropriate teaching methods.
  • Energize a love of learning
  • Teach through the arts, including drawing, painting, poetry, drama, storytelling & movement.

Cancellations: Substitutions can be made at any time, but no shows will be responsible for the full conference fee.