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TRCCS is guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf education and supports the development of the whole child. In light of this, the TRCCS curriculum is designed to develop the children’s capacities for physical well-being, strength and coordination, for emotional and social depth and connectivity, and for creative, free, and clear thinking. TRCCS is educating to the hands, heart and head, the willing, feeling and thinking, or the body, soul and spirit—all different ways to say the same thing.

The TRCCS spans Prekindergarten trough 6th grade. An expansion to 8th grade may be considered; this will be determined by the interest of parents and the school location’s ability to house more grades. The goal is to have 15 to 20 students per class/grade, but the charter school will follow the same class size limits the district has set. There will be a total of 160 students when the school is full. There will not be these numbers in the first couple years and grades are combined for those with lower enrollment.

TRCCS have 6 classrooms for the 2016/17 School year: 2 PK/K Classroom, a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd/4th and a 4th/5th Grade Classroom. The PK students come two full days a week, Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. School begins at 8:20 am and ends at 2:45 pm. About 80% of the students at TRCCS are coming from outside of the Tomorrow River School District including: Almond, Iola, Stevens Point, Waupaca, Weyauwega, Wisconsin Rapids, Rosholt, Wausau, etc….This shows how dedicated the TRCCS families are to this style of education for their children. Please join our amazing TRCCS family community.