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Governance Board

The Tomorrow River Community Charter School Governance Board provides the direction of its schools, TRCCS and TRVCS. The operational procedures of the Governance Board are defined within the bylaws. The Governance Board of the Charter Schools makes all operational decisions and provides leadership for the Charter School following all charter agreements made with the Tomorrow River School District. The Governance Board has full authority to develop policies and procedures that work to meet the schools mission and educational philosophies.

The Governance Board often meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Meeting dates are posted on the TRCCS website and Facebook page. All meetings are open to the public.

TRCCS Public Participation Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

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Governance Board:

  • Chair: Louise Pease
    • louisep@trccs.org
  • Vice-Chair: Tom Quinn
    • tomq@trccs.org
  • Secretary & Founder: Tina Giombetti
    • tinag@trccs.org
  • Treasurer: Sarah Tompkins
    • saraht@trccs.org
  • Member: Kristy Stacy
    • kristys@trccs.org
  • Member: Amy Nitka
    • amyn@trccs.org
  • Member: Matt Dombroski
    • mdombroski@trccs.org

Louise PeaseI was introduced to the work, the ideas, of Rudolf Steiner in 1969 when I came to UC Santa Cruz as a freshman and studied with Alan Chadwick, who had been a student of Steiner’s. I was inspired to go to Emerson College in England to study Steiner’s work in depth, following that study with a year in Camphill in Scotland. When I returned to Santa Cruz, I helped with the very beginnings of their Waldorf school. When I moved to Wisconsin I helped start and teach at the River Valley School in Amherst in the early-mid 1980’s. I enthusiastically supported the starting of TRCCS, and am delighted to be part of its board.

tomquinn (2)Tom Quinn:  I am the Program Manager at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station, a field station for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  For over seven years I have served as the instructor for the Environmental Education practicum course, which gives undergraduate students an opportunity to benefit from hands-on teaching experiences in the outdoors.  I also coordinate all of the day and residential programs for over 3000 elementary, middle and high school students.  During the summer, I have the opportunity to develop and lead adventure trips for our summer camp, including backpacking trips to the Porcupine Mountains and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, sea kayaking trips to the Apostle Islands, and canoeing trips on the Wisconsin and Kickapoo Rivers.

My wife Jill and I live in Scandinavia WI with our son Beau and our dog Betsy.  When we are not working, we enjoy traveling to locations where we can enjoy the natural world.  I take the photographs while Jill is a writer.  We both come from a background in the outdoors.  We met while pursuing our Masters degrees in Environmental Education at Montclair State University in New Jersey.  I have always felt that learning in more intuitive when it takes place in the natural environment, and look forward to watching the successes of the TRCCS students.  As a continual student myself, I am currently working towards my Doctorate in Educational Leadership in Higher Education at Edgewood College in Madison.

Kristy StacyKristy Stacy: When I learned of the Tomorrow River Community Charter School and its educational model I knew that I wanted my children to learn in the environment that the school will offer.  I grew up in Iola, WI and remember trips to CWES and the connection that it gave me to nature.  Connecting the Waldorf learning philosophy with environmental education will give my children the spirit and mindfulness that I truly desire them to have.  (To be honest, I wish I was a kid again and I could attend!)  As a mother of 3 young girls I have realized the impact that my decisions make on them.  Being a parent is being a leader and a role-model.  To me, it is the biggest responsibility that a person can have.  I am excited to be part of the Governance Board and contribute my passion and knowledge to help the school evolve and succeed.

I have a BA degree in Communication of the Arts with an Environmental Design emphasis and I have completed my Art Education Teaching Certification.  I have lived in several communities throughout Wisconsin, including Madison and Green Bay.  However, I have found myself back near my hometown and am eager for this new opportunity and adventure to experience with my family, friends and community.


Tina Giombetti: My family resides in the Almond-Bancroft school district where I attended school for 13 years. As a very young child, I realized I did not learn like my classmates. Lectures and memorizing yielded poor results for me. Instead, I discovered for myself that by using logic and images–both drawn and visualized– I was able and eager to learn new concepts. My methods proved successful as I went on to graduate near the top of my class.

The curriculum of this charter school would employ movement and the arts, discovered by Rudolph Steiner in the early 1900s, as a tool for children to truly learn. I would love to see my children, ages 5 and 2, be able to apply these educational methods in a non-competitive environment to ensure a true love of learning throughout their lives.