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We critically need funds for operation and expansion for our educational programing and we ask for your partnership. The challenge at this stage is to seize the opportunity, to realize an innovative, new, rewarding and inspiring future for children in central Wisconsin. Now what we need is financial support to build the facility that can inspire this Waldorf, environmental, arts based educational environment. We need your help to give this school the resources necessary for it to discover its’ true potential.

All donations are tax deductible!

In addition to monetary funds we also need supplies for our classrooms. Your generous support will help make the school environment warm and inviting for our children.

List of Equipment and Supplies Needed for the TRCCS

    • Bookcases
    • Sweepers
    • Play silks
    • Felt Boards
    • Waldorf Dolls
    • Wooden Toys
    • Wooden Blocks
    • Toy Woodworking Bench and Tools
    • Wood Rocking Boats
    • Wood Pattern Blocks
    • Play Dishes
    • Swords and Shields
    • Cloth Streamers
    • Storage Bins
    • Dishes: bowls
    • Kitchen Towels, rags and napkins
    • Baskets
    • Garden Buckets and tools
    • Gardening Gloves
    • Garden/Rain Boots
    • Hand Drills
    • Hand Mills
    • Painting Drying Racks
    • Kiln
    • Pottery Wheels
    • Pottery Tools
    • Music Stands
    • Step Stools
    • Balls
    • Small Looms
    • Scissors
    • Knitting Needles
    • Crochet Hooks
    • Children’s Books
    • Kids Waders
    • Waterproof Cameras
    • Binoculars
    • Hand Augers
    • Drawknife
    • Barking Spuds
    • Wooden Mallets
    • Birdfeeders
    • Honey Bee Supplies