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Come and Learn About TRCCS

TRCCS Newsletter Click on the title above to see the February 21st 2014 Newsletter Come and Learn About TRCCS Join us for the Tomorrow River Community Charter School (TRCCS) Parent Education Series on March 19th, 6 pm in Sunset Lodge at CWES (10186 County Road MM, Amherst Junction). The focus of this evening will be the TRCCS curriculum and its alignment to the common
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The school will cover pre-kindergarten up to 6th grade. An expansion to 8th grade may be considered; this will be determined by the interest of parents and the school location’s ability to house more grades. The goal is to have 15 to 20 students per class/grade, but the charter school will follow the same class size limits the district has set. There will be a total
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Lesson delivery Teacher uses inductive and deductive reasoning skills in teaching methodology. In the early years, teaching from the vantage point of synthesis toward analysis, whole to part, (deductive skills) and through the middle school years from part to whole, analysis to synthesis, or (inductive reasoning skills). The teacher recognizes cognitive differentiation and personal individuation when delivering instruction. Lessons are balanced in the realm
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Learning Vision

The TRCCS will use an adapted form of the Waldorf method. The Waldorf method is a tried and true method of education with 94% of students attending college or university. It was developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919 for the children of the employees of the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Factory in Austria. Waldorf has been called an education of the hands, heart and head. Rudolf
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